I Need Help with LGBTQ Blogger Research

This post may seem more like neurotic self-promotion, but I’m willing to take that chance. I need help!

I’m currently working on research that is exploring the motivations and goals for LGBTQ bloggers. I’m curious to know why we blog, what we think we accomplish by blogging, and what we blog about.

Here is the link to the questionnaire, which is a combination of closed questions and open-ended short answer questions. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to answer the questions—and you’ll be adding to the current body of knowledge on blogging and the LGBTQ community. Trust me we don’t know a lot, yet, about our motivations and uses of blogs.

You’ll also be helping a poor doctoral student get one step closer to greatness! Please (notice how I’m begging) help. After you’ve finished sharing your thoughts, please pass the link on to your LGBTQ blogger friends too. The more the merrier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or post a comment below.

Thanks again everyone.

Making LGBTQ research accessible

Hello all.

I’m an LGBTQ researcher who is interested in representations of masculinity and queer identity construction in LGBTQ and mainstream media. I’m also a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg expecting to graduate in Spring 2014.

I’ve been putting off starting a blog for a while now. Why? There are many reasons, but mostly just a fear of commitment. Commitment to actually posting worthwhile information and not hosting a blog that looks like my synapses aren’t firing correctly.

Oh and I don’t know if you’ve heard but PhD programs tend to be a bit demanding.

What I plan to do here is create a community of folks discussing—maybe even heatedly discussing—queer representations in both LGBTQ and mainstream media.

Often when I say “media” people automatically think television, but my focus varies between traditional forms of media like television or film, but I’m also interested in newer forms of media like blogs or webisodes.

Generally my ideas come from my own media consumption. Something I’ve recently read or watched. I think Byron once said something like more happy if less wise. I may not be unhappy but I definitely can’t just consume media like I used to. Now you get to read my thoughts—both positive and negative. Lucky you!

I hope to hear from you all with ideas or comments. I’m always eager to hear constructive criticism—well maybe not eager but at least willing. I also am interesting in hearing about the media you’re consuming.